bvl table
Container 1 bean container
6 powder container
High-revving mixer 4
Cup capacity 300 cups
Selection button 12 configurable buttons
Other LED-illuminated display, automatic rinsing program, low energy consumption
Optional control of a spiral machine with 12 key fields
aria s slave
Levels up to 4 (adjustable)
Spirals 8 per level
Output compartment for large products
Capacity up to 282 products/ 30 selections, cooling up to 8 degrees
Other LED-illuminated display, low energy consumption, product fall detector, safety glass
Technical features
Voltage 230V
Measurements (HxWxD) 74.5 x 52 x 60 cm
105 x 68 x 82 cm
Weight 85kg
Optional banknote reader ICT7 with mounting housing, key/credit system