Dear clients and partners ,

With this letter I would like to inform you about the change and further develo­pment of Hämmerle-Kaffee Ltd.

Since its estab­lishment in 1972, Hämmerle-Kaffee has been able to consis­t­ently prosper thanks to our emphasis on quality, innovation and relia­bility. Two service branches have evolved, now with 86 employees. Firstly, the regional vending machine service in Vorarlberg and then, the Europe-wide wholesale of filling products from our own production.

As a result, Hämmerle-Kaffee offers a very extensive range of goods with accom­panying service. This requires a lot of passion, personal commitment and represents a great respon­si­bility towards employees and customers. In the future, I would like to specialise even more and devote myself entirely to wholesale. For this reason, I am handing over the vending machine service to new hands.

Through many discus­sions with the long-estab­lished company Dallmayr in Frastanz, a deep agreement on our business philo­sophy has been reached. Dallmayr has been known for more than 60 years as a quality company in the field of vending machines and gastronomy and will take over the operative vending machine business from March 2023.

An important reason for the decision was the commitment by Mr. Günther Komatz (Managing Director of Dallmayr Austria) to take on all employees under existing condi­tions. The needs of our customers also played a key role in conside­ra­tions. Every­thing remains unchanged for you for the time being and you will continue to receive the usual Hämmerle product range. The existing premises in Gais will continue to be used as it is currently, and your contact person will continue to be available to you.

I would like to thank you sincerely for the trust you have placed in me and for your coope­ration! At the same time, I ask for your under­standing regarding my decision.

Best regards,
Markus Hämmerle