Fast delivery and reliable availa­bility

We have adjusted and improved our stock keeping and our logistical requi­re­ments to your demands. With our capacity of 5,000 pallet spaces, we guarantee a short availa­bility of our goods. In Europe, our standard delivery time, starting at completion of production, is 48 hours. Moreover, we have a direct online-connection to our forwarding agencies, which allows us a fast data-exchange and lets us be flexible for special customer requests.
From an order of one pallet, we deliver free domicile!

If you have any requests regarding logistics, feel free to contact our dispatchers.

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Kaffee, Kakao, Tee, Cremer und Topings – unsere Produkte werden aus erlesenen Rohstoffen produ­ziert und sind in markt­üb­lichen Spezia­li­tä­ten­ma­schinen Ergebnis erprobt.

Private label

Private Label

Wir überzeugen mit einer breiten Standard­pro­dukt­pa­lette für ihre Eigen­marke, sowie hoher Kompetenz in der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von spezi­ellen Kunden­be­dürf­nissen.