In the summer of 2023, we were able to commission our new warehouse for regular opera­tions and have compiled the key facts.

Commencement of Opera­tions and Function­ality: In the summer of 2023, the state-of-the-art high-bay warehouse transi­tioned into regular opera­tions. This fully automated system marks a crucial step in the moder­nization of our production and logistics processes.

Dimen­sions and Capacity: The impressive 22-meter-high warehouse structure accom­mo­dates an astonishing 8,500 pallets This doubling of storage capacity compared to our previous facilities ensures that we are optimally equipped for future growth.

Flexi­bility and Efficiency: By automating the warehouse, we enhance the flexi­bility, safety, and efficiency of our entire logistics process. The real-time analysis of all material flows and the warehouse management software enable precise and optimized management of our inventory.

Technology Partners: For the realization of this ground­breaking project, we relied on regional expertise. The technology was provided by LTW Intra­lo­gi­stics from Wolfurt, while MIA Systems from Hohenems contri­buted the sophisti­cated software solution.

Benefits for the Company: The automation of the high-bay warehouse brings signi­ficant advan­tages. In addition to incre­asing storage capacity, we signi­fi­cantly reduce time and effort for manual manipu­la­tions. At the same time, we minimize trans­por­tation efforts to a necessary minimum.

Purpose of the Business Expansion: The extension of the high-bay warehouse is an integral part of our compre­hensive business expansion. The goal is to position Hämmerle Coffee for future growth and meet the demands of the inter­na­tional wholesale business.

Overall, the high-bay warehouse will contribute to moder­nizing and optimizing our logistics and storage processes. This is crucial for the realization of our plans for inter­na­tional expansion and the planned growth of our company. We look forward to embarking on the next phase of this innovative journey.