Corporate philo­sophy

Sustaina­bility anchors deeply in the corporate philo­sophy of Hämmerle Kaffee. As a company with great respon­si­bility, Hämmerle hosts and organizes several campaigns concerning sustaina­bility each year. An important part of sustaina­bility is the reduction of the environ­mental pollution. Thus, in 2013 we focused on the sun as source of energy for our on-site production.

Fit and motivated employees contribute very much to the success of a company. Therefore, we like to keep our employees healthy and so we offer them fresh apples for free every day.

Homemade power supply

Sustaina­bility and environ­mental protection are major issues for Hämmerle Kaffee. So, in 2013 a photo­voltaic system with 705 m² was installed on the roof of the company. “We cannot only talk about environ­mental protection, we also have to act”, is the maxim of GM Markus Hämmerle. 102 kWp solar power, which equals the energy consumption of thirty single-family homes, are produced by our photo­voltaic system. Thus, the annual solar power covers a majority of the company’s energy demands.

Any possible surplus is fed into public electricity. “Thanks to our photo­voltaic system we can save appro­xi­m­ately 89 tons of CO2 each year”, reports Markus Hämmerle.

photovoltaic system
photovoltaic system

Efficient and resource-conserving

The principle is very simple: different to fossil fuels, the energy from sun, water, bioenergy, as well as wind and geothermal energy are at almost infinite disposal. The photo­voltaic effect describes the conversion of light into electrical energy within the solar cell of the photo­voltaic system.
Positive side effect: “The sun won’t send me a bill”, jokes Markus Hämmerle.