Fancy a delicious dessert? We’ve prepared a tiramisu recipe for you. ????☕

150 ml cream
110 g mascarpone
40 g icing sugar
120 ml coffee (cooled)
20 ml rum (optional)
80 g sponge finger biscuits
30 g unsweetened cocoa

– Brew the coffee fresh, add the rum and leave to cool.
– Whip the cream until stiff.
– Add the mascarpone and the icing sugar.
– Dip the biscuits in the coffee-rum mixture and spread a layer on the base of the glass.
– Spread the mascarpone cream on the biscuit layer.
– Then lay more biscuits dipped in coffee on top.
– Now comes another layer of biscuits and another of mascarpone cream.
– Leave the tiramisu to cool and rest (preferably overnight).
– Before eating, sprinkle a thin layer of cocoa through a fine sieve over the tiramisu.
– Buon Appetito ????