Hämmerle Kaffee invests five million Euro for plant extension

3,300 square meter new storage and logistics area in Bludesch until the end of the year

Bludesch, March 3rd 2021 – Start of construction for the new logistics center of Hämmerle Kaffee GmbH: until the end of the year new effective area for storage, commis­sioning and truck dispatch of appro­xi­m­ately 3,300 square meters will emerge. For the new construction four million Euros will be invested – another million is for new machines. After the pandemic induced break-in of the previous year, general manager Markus Hämmerle awaits a notable growth as of this summer.

 „For years we have been growing fast and we have to create additional production and storage area. The new logistics center increases the capacity and efficiency of our company”, explains general manager Markus Hämmerle.

The needed plant extension has been planned since 2018. After a successful rezoning, the construction works of the 3,300 m² extension have started. The long-estab­lished company, which is active in the vending industry and in the production of instant hot beverages, invests appro­xi­m­ately four million Euro for the extension. Another million is spent on new packaging machines. Until the end of the year, the construction works should be finished. Local company Tomaselli Gabriel Bau constructs the plant extension.

Increase in capacity and efficiency

On three levels, the new logistics center provides space for 1,500 pallets and additional production area. Up until now, the company had to rent external storage space and the production space is bursting at the seams as well. “Now, we accom­plish a direct connection between production and storage. As a result, we shorten trans­por­tation routes and are more flexible in internal proce­dures”, says Markus Hämmerle.

For truck dispatchin there are four truck loading ramps available. The efficiency will also be increased due to a new digital warehouse management system. “In the future, there will only be scanning”, explains Hämmerle. In the logistics center, five more jobs are generated in the coming years.

For the multiple certified company (a.o. organic and fairtrade) sustaina­bility is also important concerning the plant extension. The new building will be heated and cooled environment sparing with a ground water heat pump and concrete core activation. Also in the company resources will be saved – the new packaging machines need less composite materials.

Optimistic for the future

The plant extension is the next logical step for Hämmerle Kaffee. Currently, the company employs eighty employees. In 2019, the volume of sales was round­about thirty million Euro. In the preceding year, Hämmerle Kaffee had to face a loss of appro­xi­m­ately 18% due to the difficult situation with the current pandemic. Nonetheless, Markus Hämmerle is still optimistic for the future:” Even in this “Corona time”, we were able to acquire new customers. Our goal is to come out of this crisis strengthened.”

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