Hämmerle Kaffee prepares for the future with new packaging machines

Higher efficiency, more flexi­bility and  conserving resources with an innovative technology: Hämmerle Kaffee invests about 800.000 Euros in automation. Two new wraparound-lines provide packaging for coffee and hot beverage bags in seven different carton sizes. The company is currently looking for specia­lists to operate and maintain the packaging machines.

Digita­lization in the packaging process: Hämmerle Kaffee is inves­tiong around 800.000 Euros in two new packaging machines with a powerful grouping system and wraparound technology. After two years of intensive prepa­ratory work, numerous visits and test trials with all produkt and carton sizes, the tradi­tional company – which is active with vending machines and with the production of instant hot drinks – has put new grantry robot systems into operation.  „Thanks to meticulous prepa­ra­to­rywork and the great commitment of our employees, construction and confi­gu­ration took only one week,” reports manager Markus Hämmerle.

With the new systems Hämmerle Kaffee increases the efficiency of the packaging process. „We save time and manipu­lation effort through integrated work steps and flexible conversion. Instead of three machines we only need one for the same process,” says Markus Hämmerle. With this investment the company is also responding to the growing demands of the market: “As we manufacture more and more products for the retail secotr, the demands on packaging is growing. Now we can cover a variety of different bag sizes and filling quantities. Up to now we had to pack these special sizes manually.”, explains Hämmerle.


Better efficiencs and growth course

Hämmerle Kaffee currently packs seven cardboard formatss with five to twelve bags in different sizes with the appro­priate conversion kits.  Depending on the format, between 2.500 and 4.000 cartons can be packed per production plant per day. This corre­sponds to about 30 tons of milk powder, coffee whitener, cocoa, cappuccino, tea and other products.

“The gantry robots increase our perfor­mance by about 30 percent. In addition, there is the simple operation via touch screen. Changes to the bag and carton formats are completed in a short time and are largely tool-free,” says Markus Hämmerle. “With this investment we can react quickly and flexibly to the incre­asing demands of the future.”

This Automation does not involve job losses – on the contrary: ” We raise the quality of our employees’ work and give them room for more demanding activities,” emphra­sizes Hämmerle. The company is currently looking for reinforce­ments for the operation of the systems and the associated quality control. In addition mecha­tronics engineers are required for the maintenance and optimization of the machines.

The construction of the appro­xi­m­ately 3.300 square metre logistics centre, which began in spring, under­lines Hämmerle Kaffee’s growth and moder­ni­sation course. Completion and commis­sioning are expected to take place at the end of the year.


Hämmerle Kaffee GmbH

Hämmerle Kaffee GmbH, based in Bludesch, is a whole­saler, manufac­turer of instant hot drinks, specialist for coffee systems and service provider in company catering in one. The tradi­tional company was founded in 1972 by Dieter and Brigitte Hämmerle and is managed in the second generation by Managing Director Markus Hämmerle. Hämmerle Kaffee currently employs 81 people.

In addition to servicing more than 4.000 vending machines throughout Vorarlberg, the company specia­lises in caterings for companies as well as the production of filling products such as coffee, cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate. In the wholesale scoup companies throughout Europe are supplied with a focus on German-speaking countries. Hämmerle Kaffee focuses on sustaina­bility and is certified with the organic and Fairtrade seal as well as UTZ and IFS.

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