No compro­mises! That is our motto concerning the quality of our products

We have a large product range of filling products that are suitable for vending machines. These high quality products, such as cocoa, sugar sepci­fi­cally for vending machines, tea, coffee, cappuccino, coffee creamer and topping, have proved to be successful and underlie a constant develo­pment and adapt­ation to the market requi­re­ments. Furthermore, we also offer a variety of coffee beans for an authentic enjoyment at vending machines and tabletop machines, as well as for coffee machines for private or the gastronomy sector.

All of the depicted products can be purchased as Hämmerle products or as private label products with your own packaging.

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Private label

Private Label

Wir überzeugen mit einer breiten Standard­pro­dukt­pa­lette für ihre Eigen­marke, sowie hoher Kompetenz in der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von spezi­ellen Kunden­be­dürf­nissen.



Wir haben unsere Lager­haltung und Logistik an Ihre Anfor­de­rungen angepasst. Schnelle Verfüg­barkeit und sichere Lieferung sind die Voraus­setzung für den Erfolg und die Zufrie­denheit unserer Kunden.